Saturday, August 18, 2012

how long has it been?

so yeah, from then title has it been huh?
one year and half? two years maybe?
i left my blog that long.reading to my old entries.i have that.that.that emmmm.
that disguise feeling.really.seriously.
well i started blogging in form 5.reading to my writing , 'rempit' writing.
 ewww how can i be so immature.
hahaha i laugh to myself.i think this is a process, how am i different now to then. blame the university life.
make me bold i guess.i used to care what other people think.what they think of me and what so ever.
but now, damn i dont ! unless you are someone that mean something for me.

so..back to blogging hah?
depends on mood i guess.