Tuesday, December 28, 2010

da nk update..;p

Assalamuaikum....its been the same day i created the blog and i already eagerly want to updated and create a new entry.sal excited nk update blog tu ak pn tatau nape.i dont really have much to say actually.taip then backspace and taip then backspace again.just do it REDUNDANTLY.ohh btw redundant means the thing that you do again and again(otomatik lagu again again 2pm plays in my head) or dlm bhse mesia berulang-ulang kali n bnyok kli lah kronyo.i got this word from hot blogger maria elena.omg i dont even how to tag people in this blog.damn,,,bute IT kottt~nevamind la,x yah tag2 la sng..;)

fuhhhh sejuk x sejuk x...sjuk gile perrrr..its like experience oversea,,mndung n sejuk jee..i need my
blanket right now and time berbungkus dpn tv..hehe..lau cam ni ari2 pn xpe with me,xyah g oversea pon and sah2 mandi pn kurengg..air sjuk gler,sape brani mandi lepas subuh tuu mmg wa tabik a sama luu!!spirit mandi tol..

on the 2nd entry,seriously i already bored with my leopard layout..2nd enrty,2nd layout..sounds good to me..
nk surver layout ahhh...dadaaaaa guys!!!!

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