Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i'm attracted to leopard...;p

Asslamualaikum and since it was 6.45am,x slah nk ckap gud morning jgak kan..what?6.45?
omg do i have to update my blog pagi2 bute ke,well this is the second time i update my blog after subuh..
smangat la plak tulis entri pagi2 bute nim or shall i say buat taek mate time..hahah

it actually drop to my mind nak wat entri tntang leopard ni...well leopard ni seekor binatang and im sure you all know so xyah nk explain pepanjang tp nk jgak gtau ckit2,,hehe..leopard is a harimau bntang which their skin full of what we call that word,,emm corak? or titik?..watever lahh..i just call it leopard print and i also set up leopard print as my blog layout sblom ni tp da tkar coz nmpak x seswaiii...and what im trying to say is,,hell yahhh everybody loves leopard!!!

even Beyonce pn leopard lover  ;p

                                                    addink some leopard to ur evryday style
                                                                           makes u looks daring and edgy
                                                                                  i loveeee nicole richie..

this is the hottest-stuart weitzment-

leopard kt boot pn HOT!!!

i was like...OMG!!!!!!pmpuan sah2 agree with me kan2..cntik kan cantik kan,,,(over sampai 2 kli)
dats all from leopard lover for now..till we meet again pals...;p
alang2 bace my entry dont frget to follow me..kiss goodbye...muahhhhhh!

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